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Emphatic announces Break The Ice Tour 2014 dates

Emphatic announces Break The Ice Tour 2014 dates


The textbook definition of perseverance is to remain steadfast and stay the course despite being faced with extreme obstacles. If you look up the term it just might have a picture of Omaha based rock band Emphatic. The band has overcome countless storms and nothing has been able to stand in their way. Emphatic has had several songs on the charts and has toured with some of today’s biggest names in music. Currently in the process of finishing their new record set for release early next year via Pavement Entertainment and gearing up for a headline December tour.

Emphatic is:

Grant Kendrick (vocals)

Justin McCain (lead guitar)

Lance Dowdle (lead guitar)

Jesse Saint (bass)

Patrick Mussack (drums)


December 2nd, 2014

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