We are Edisun and we are an alternative-rock band that writes, records, and tours the world. Every day is a blessing that we get to do this, making music and playing for our fans. Their support is the only reason we get to do this, and that truth is never far from our hearts.


The road to rock stardom is never quite as overnight as people think it is, and there are many strange detours along the way. But no band ever imagines their first tour to be in a war zone, performing in some of the most dangerous places on earth. But that is exactly how it happened for Edisun: their first four years spent performing for American military in 20 countries, including two tours in northern Iraq and Afghanistan. As video of the band shot in Iraq shows, it was Kevlar helmets, body armor, and Blackhawk helicopters from show to show. This footage was pitched for an episode of “Tour of Duty,” and clips were used in their first music video for the song called “Fly

Being the first rock band to perform for American soldiers in Iraq post 9-11, courtesy of the USO and Armed Forces Entertainment, was an accomplishment that did not go unrecognized: Edisun were featured on ABC World News Tonight, interviewed by Charles Gibson; covered by Rolling Stone Magazine (“Between Iraq and a Hard Place); as well as written about in the Wall Street Journal: major press for a relatively unknown band without even a recorded demo.

For the members of Edisun these life-changing experiences were also career-forming: they paved the way for a major record deal through EMI which resulted in two songs breaking Billboard/Mediabase ActiveOn the overwhelming success of the self-title record, and with near constant touring along side bands like Coal, Nonpoint, Bobaflex, and Smile Empty Soul, Edisun have built a strong national audience, which they regard more as friends than fans. “Like the soldiers we played for in Iraq, these kids are the ones that allow us to do this. Their support of the band really means the world to us,” says Edisun-drummer Todd Budich.

Another part of the Edisun mystique, the bus they now travel in for US tours, a converted 1977 Greyhound bus they have named Virginia that they often drive themselves. Only someone who has toured in the deserts of Iraq would consider driving eight hours, then singing a two-hour rock show. “Our bus is more than our home away from home one the road, she’s a member of the band,” according to Edisun-guitarist Josh Jones. “She’s been in the band longer than I have,” laughs Mike Russo, who became the bass player last year.

Edisun are planning to release their second album on February 14, 2015 as a Valentine’s Day present to their hard-earned fan base. They are recording at Ethan’s studio in Norwalk, Ct – the Factory Underground, with producer Charley Drayton (Divinyls, The Dead Daisies, The Cult, Cold Chisel), and mixing by Ron St. Germain (Muse, 311, Soundgarden). “The first record went way beyond our expectations—but it’s time to put out our new songs,” says Ethan Isaac. “We traveled thousands of miles to write them.”

To ramp up to the new release, Edisun decided to release the single “Refugees,” through SRG (Sono Recording Group), an edited-for-radio version of another first-album track called “Voices.” The rechristened song has suddenly exploded on internet radio world-wide with FM active rock stations taking notice and following suit.

And just in time for Christmas, Sony Electronics have begun pre-loading their new portable devices with yet another song from their first record called “Silence.” (They previously used “Ready to Believe). Edisun-guitarist Joel P Kelley: “We have been lucky to tour in a lot of different countries. We went to play in China and Italy just this past year. Now with “Silence” (coming out), we are getting Facebook letters from Angola, and tweets in Japanese. It’s really exciting.”

With an exciting new record heating up on the runway, a thriving international audience engaging through social media, a surging media presence and several national and international tours expected, 2015 looks to be Edisun’s year as they take their career to yet another level on the world stage.